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Mcdavid1.0 article
SB Nation

Connor McDavid's Time - SB Nation Longform

A profile of Connor McDavid as he transitions from kid to superstar. (Cited at Digg.com, Media REDEFined)

Dsc 0281 %283%29 article

Samuel Deguara is 7'5, Unemployed, and Looking for a Basketball Home - VICE Sports

On the tallest man from Malta, who is training for his last shot. (Cited at Media REDEFined)

Open uri20140130 32616 1byte7y article article
Pacific Standard

Inside the World of Competitive Laughing - Pacific Standard

On an evening spent at the Canadian Competitive Laughing Championship. (Cited at Longreads.com, Digg.com and TheFeature.net, BuzzFeed BuzzRead selection)

Damon stoudamire article

Threes, Noise, And Hangovers - VICE Sports

How a Toronto Raptors squad of misfits and long shots beat peak-Michael Jordan and the hungover Bulls.

Untitled article 1465855773 article

Nik Stauskas Has The Will, Now He Needs To Find A Way - VICE Sports

Over his bumpy first two seasons in the NBA, Nik Stauskas has been a perfectly ordinary NBA player. But, as with every NBA player, there's something extraordinary in him.

Barb underhill article
Pacific Standard

The Woman Who's Teaching the NHL How to Skate - Pacific ...

Barb Underhill is carving out an important legacy. (Cited at Digg.com)

Open uri20140317 8506 1tirv9i article
The New Yorker

Basketball and Globalization - The New Yorker

On basketball's growth from American pastime to global entertainment product.

Open uri20140327 19591 16ze7wx article
The Classical

Filipino Basketball Comes to Whitehorse - The Classical

Over the last decade, the Yukon's Pinoy community has grown from 150 people to more than 2,000. Things are changing up north, and the region's Filipinos—and one particular basketball league—are a part of it. (Reprinted by Hazlitt)

Open uri20140219 5525 zw7mdz article
Pacific Standard

How We Set Up Our Professional Athletes to Fail - Pacific Standard

On the machinery of professional sports and the complications of the fallen athlete. (Cited at Digg.com)

Open uri20140130 32616 1skkhu3 article
The Billfold

Working as a Mailman in Canada's Frozen North - The Billfold

A personal essay on a winter spent delivering mail in the Yukon.

Dsc 0303 %281280x782%29 article

Softball at the End of the World - VICE Sports

On homelessness, addiction, isolation, and softball.

Open uri20140130 32616 1l060fg article

Mandela was a Boxer - Salon.com

The South African leader's passion for pugilism offers insight into his fight for equality. (Originally published at The Classical)

E9djr6ncrne3cyxov1c5 editanthonybennett15 article

The Great Canadian Hoops Hope - Narratively

Anthony Bennett was the first Canadian drafted with the NBA's top pick but his impact reaches far beyond sports. (Cited at Digg.com, Media REDEFined)

The crimestopper aquille carr and the burden of baltimores basketball hero body image 1418786460 article

The Crimestopper - VICE Sports

A few years ago Aquille Carr was one of the most exciting basketball prospects in America, now he's searching for a home.

Open uri20140420 29090 1rvoy8s article
The Classical

When Cedric Moodie Met Michael Jordan - The Classical

Cedric Moodie, a 35-year-old basketball journeyman, went up against the greatest of all time and came away with a story.